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We offer Reactive and Preventative Pest Control Solutions for Cape Town Areas

We have found that each Pest Control treatment is unique and each case is looked at on its own merit. Thereafter the  Threshold (acceptable activity level for pests) for each infestation is determined by looking at the type of premises and the level of infestation found.

Pest Control Services we offer Cape Town

All our pest control programs at Eco Slayer Cape Town begins with a comprehensive site inspection. Our dedicated technicians use their in-depth knowledge of pest Habits, Feeding patterns, Preferred Harborage areas and reproductive cycles as well as reproductive time frames when they do their site inspections.

We implement relevant control methods upon completion of such an inspection. These methods may include fumigation, pesticide spray treatment,  tamper proof rodent bait stations, gel treatments, various traps for insects and rodents, bird proofing, bird control techniques, pathogen shock treatments, improved hygiene solutions, structural improvements or any other methods applicable to provide the best results in Cape Town.

Pest Control Cape Town Ongoing Programs

At Eco Slayer Cape Town we have learned that some infestations needs more than one treatment for example Rodent Control treatments. So, we may propose treatment program schedules for long term solutions if your infestation calls for it. Some Specialized Industries also require Periodic Pest Control treatments by law.

Infestations Vary

Please remember that no two infestations are the same. Keeping this in mind, each case is handled by a qualified, trained and experienced PCO (Pest Control Operator) in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Thereafter, the correct treatment plans are determined and implemented. Subsequently, we handle each case according to the unique and  individual pest control challenge they offer. Furthermore, our Pest Control Operators are certified by the Department of Agriculture. Each having undergone extensive training with SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association). We only use the best quality and licensed products at Eco Slayer Cape Town.

Pest Control Cape Town - Life Cycle of a Cockroach
Pest Control Cape Town – Life Cycle of a Cockroach

Pest Control Cape Town – Why do you need professional Pest Control Services?

Pests can be hazardous as they are able to transfer disease to humans

Cockroaches  can spread disease like salmonella and gastroenteritis to humans. Studies also indicate that they can cause allergies

Birds and their droppings carry over 60 diseases from Histoplasmosis (Fatal respiratory disease) to Candidiasis (Yeast/Fungal infection) and more commonly known Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) that are transmitted through the fecal matter of infected birds

RodentsLeptospirosis (Weil’s Disease). The urine from an infected rat or mouse can contaminate water, food & soil and transfer the disease to humans.

Fleas & Ticks: Typhus, Lyme Disease and Ticks can cause Tick Fever in humans

At Eco Slayer Cape Town we care about our clients and the environment, therefore our Pest Control products are Eco friendly and safe for you, your family, staff, clients and pets!

Pests can cause damage to your property that can end up costing you money if not handled correctly

Have you been struggling with a specific pest issue for a while? Spending money on store bought products or trying tricks you found online with little to no success? You may be treating the symptoms and not targeting the actual cause. There may even be a small margin of improvement, before it gets out of hand again. 

Some of the damages caused by Pests

Carpenter Ants are often confused with Termites, however Carpenter Ants, don’t eat wood, they hollow out existing damaged wooden furniture or structures.

Rodents (Rats & Mice) feed on stored produce thus contaminating it for human consumption. They can also cause extensive structural damage by gnawing on anything they find useful in building nests.

Moles cause unsightly mounds on lawns and in flower beds whilst their tunnels can contribute to structural damages in foundations of buildings.

Birds can cause a lot of damage to business and household structures as their droppings are toxic and acidic and thus eats into paint, staining walls and all areas they frequently perch or roost on.

A Professional Pest Control Operator can correctly Identify, Target & Implement the best and safest treatment plan for you

Sometimes in your haste to solve a particularly problematic pest problem, you may buy the first or what you think to be the ‘best’ commercial product on the market. However, you cannot compare the effectiveness of an over the counter product (Granule, Spray or Fumigant) to that of a ‘Certified’ product applied by a qualified, trained Pest Control Operator. This DIY (Do It Yourself) route could cost you in the long run as pests can become resistant to pesticides if the products is not used correctly.

Also, some pests reproduce faster than you can eliminate them if you are not using the correct products or methods. Some pests can unfortunately not be eliminated before they hatch and a few insects can also become resistant to a particular pesticide. Luckily for you, our very resourceful team has the experience to help you overcome or avoid such hurdles. Eco Slayer Cape Town will help you find the most economic and safest solution for your individual needs.

Having your Pest Control done professionally can save you Time

With so many DIY products available from Sprays to fumigation canisters you may feel tempted to do it yourself. But this could become tedious as commercial products cannot offer the same results as ‘Certified Pest Control Products’. These products are only available for sale to registered, qualified Pest Control Operators that has been trained to assess each individual Pest Control challenge and implement the correct treatment plan from the start. Our team of experts can determine if your situation requires professional fumigation services, targeted or general pest control, baiting or trapping, bird deterrent or bird control depending on your structure or personal preference.

Professional Pest Control can save you money

Although the initial cost for professional Pest Control in Cape Town may seem more expensive it will yield the best results compared to trying numerous DIY methods. A qualified professional will determine if you need Fumigation/Extermination, Baiting/Trapping, Spray, Gel or Soil Treatments. They may even find that you need specialised structural alterations on your premises. Our team is uniquely qualified to assess, customise and implement such alterations for you in Cape Town. 

Happy Family Cape Town - Pest Free
We aim to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most!

We don’t just offer Pest Control, Extermination  or Fumigation Services in Cape Town, we offer Peace of Mind!

At Eco Slayer Cape Town we have a passion for people and our environment. We only use Eco Friendly products and methods that will keep you, your family, staff, pets and plants safe. Therefore, our aim is to bring tranquillity back to your home or business in Cape Town. 

Pest Control Cape Town and the Western Cape has become a necessity because pests need safe harborage areas. Harborage areas are places that provide food, water and shelter. Regrettably your homes and place of business tends to offer the most opportunity for these pests and their needs.

We also specialise in Professional Weed Control for your paved areas in Cape Town and the Western Cape!


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