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Pest Control Cape Town

Pests are known as Pests simply because of the damage, harm or disease they cause to your homes, businesses and their occupants. Eco Slayer Cape Town is dedicated to solving all of your pest problems with environmentally friendly methods and products.


Bird Proofing & Bird Control Cape Town

Various Bird flocks can deface your premises with high cost implications. They cause serious hygiene and parasitic challenges. Eco Slayer Cape Town is devoted to providing long term solutions to all types of structures.  

Pathogen & Odour Control Cape Town

Hygiene and proper sanitation is the foundation of healthy living. While your premises may appear to be clean it can unfortunately  still be unsanitary. Using the correct Pathogen control methods for your industry or home will ensure that you maintain a sterile environment.  


Eco Slayer Cape Town is devoted to giving you the best possible solution & customer service experience!