Ant Control Cape Town


Ant Control Cape Town

We guarantee:

  • Comprehensive Inspection

  • Quick and safe treatments in record time

  • Long lasting chemical barrier with quick knock down for prolonged control

  • Indoor and outdoor Ant control

  • Specialised techniques to eradicate the source population

  • Specialised techniques and chemicals for all types of surfaces

  • Safe for the family, plants & animals

  • Ongoing treatment forecasting and follow ups

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Why do you need professional Ant Control in Cape Town

Finding the cheapest Ant Control solution in Cape Town may seem easier on the pocket in the short term but may unfortunately not yield the best results in the long run. On the contrary repetitive use of the wrong products and or wrong ratio’s can make your ant problem more difficult to address.

What does an effective Ant Control Treatment Plan entail for Cape Town households or businesses

You can rest assured that once you have made contact with us. A qualified Pest Control Technician also known as an Exterminator will visit you at your earliest convenience. Your premises will be inspected to identify the correct treatment plan for your individual problem. All access points that may require pest proofing additional to the standard Ant Control treatment will be identified. We specialize in custom pest proofing of pest access points. Any pre-treatment recommendations as well as any post-treatment recommendations will be provided to ensure that your ant problem is controlled going forward.

We use only the safest Ant Control Cape Town Products

We care about our clients and their well-being. Our Ant Control Products are safe for the whole family including our fury friends. You can be sure to offer your staff and clients the safest environment while maintaining control over those pesky ants.

Common Ant Pests in Cape Town

In Cape Town our qualified technicians most often identify the following Ant infestations in both households and businesses. You can read more on each species under our Common Pests Cape Town page:

  • Pavement Ant
  • Carpenter Ant
  • Pharoah Ant
  • Fire Ant

Ant Reproduction

Most common ant species have similar breeding patterns where only the Queen or breeding female have the ability to mate. With the exception of the Queen, the average life expectancy of a common worker ant is 45 – 60 days.

Ant Control Cape Town & Hygiene

Our team of qualified Pest Control Technicians at Eco Slayer Cape Town has found that the best success with Ant infestations is by implementing stringent hygiene practices in addition to closing off of access points.

Most ants are omnivores and are attracted by any food spills that are not cleaned up in the house or even in the canteen area at work or around desks.

There are more than 400 species and sub species of Ants found across South Africa. Ants also thrives on all land areas from rain forests to desserts. The only exception where they don’t thrive are in polar regions. As a result Ant Control within professional Pest Control Services are the most often pest solutions requested by business and home owners in Cape Town.

It is easy to maintain an ant free environment with good hygiene but if you are struggling with a severe ant infestation, your best course of action is to solicit the help of one of our expert Pest Control Technicians in Cape Town. We know how to solve your ant problem the right way! Let us do what we do best so you can focus on you and your family.





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About Eco Slayer Cape Town

We want to bring you peace of mind when it comes to your pest problems!

Eco Slayer Cape Town takes pride in solving Cape Town and the Western Cape’s Pest Control, Bird Control, Bird Proofing, Rodent Control, Bedbug/Parasite Control, Squirrel Control and other pest challenges in the manner you require. We listen to our client’s needs and will tailor make the best treatment plan for you. We only use the best chemicals and the safest delivery methods to ensure minimal run off and drift. Our products are guaranteed and endorsed by the Department of Agriculture and the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). So you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the safest and most effective solutions all the time.