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Fumigation Cape Town

Fumigation Cape Town

We guarantee:

  • Comprehensive Inspection

  • Eradication of severe infestations

  • Evacuation for 6-8 hours maximum

  • Knock down of entire pest population

  • No cross contamination of surfaces

  • No residual chemical left behind

  • No washing surfaces, cutlery or crockery afterwards

  • Specialised techniques to contain fumigants

  • Specialised techniques to assess and treat areas that are difficult to access

  • CFC Free, 100% Biodegradable, Environmentally & Ozone Friendly

  • Safe for plants

  • No discoloration & No staining

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At Eco Slayer Cape Town we use specialized fumigation techniques to access areas that are normally inaccessible for normal pesticide spray treatments to eradicate complicated pest infestations including parasites, cockroaches as well as wood destroying organisms and any other severe pest infestation.

We have many tried and tested techniques in our Fumigation Pest Control Toolbox to help you with your unique pest problem and to gain access to solve your pest problem in areas that are considered to be inaccessible.

Office Fumigation Cape Town

We understand that business establishments cannot evacuate their staff at random in the event that their specific building structure calls for a Fumigation services instead of a standard Professional Pest Control service. For this reason we work closely with our clients to find a treatment schedule that will suit their needs. This way we get the infestation resolved at no additional financial loss to you for production time lost due to closing down for a fumigation service in Cape Town.

For  more information on Pest Control treatment plans for your business please visit our Pest Control for Business, Household, Food Handling & Specialized Facilities page.

Household Fumigation Cape Town

At Eco Slayer Cape Town we care about the well being of our clients and their properties. We always offer our clients the least disruptive treatment plans. For those really difficult and tricky to handle infestations that may warrant more stringent pest control methods, we have both effective and efficient solutions to solve your infestation. Reliable Fumigation and Pest Control solutions with guaranteed results! Contact us now.


What is Fumigation vs Pest Control Treatments in Cape Town?

Fumigation is a method of Pest Control where a gaseous fumigant, pesticide or more often known as fog are used to fill the volume of a room, ceiling or foundation (entirely or an enclosed part of a house, office building, container, vehicle or other vessel) to eradicate harmful pests and pathogens that hide in areas that are not easily accessible in a structure like small cracks, crevices, electrical conduit, cavity walls etc. This method targets all pests that infest a structure including wood destroying organisms (termites or wood boring beetles etc), cockroaches , silverfish, spiders & all other pests commonly found. Wood destroying pests cause damage to wooden furniture or wooden flooring and structural beams leaving the structure vulnerable and unsafe. The fumigation suffocates the pests as it enters all inaccessible areas whilst all access points are temporarily sealed for safety and effectiveness . The other major difference between a fumigation and a standard pest control treatment is the fact that with a fumigation the area that is treated is sealed and has to be evacuated by all occupants and pets for a specific amount of time whilst with a standard pest control treatment the premises does not require evacuation.





























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About Eco Slayer Cape Town

We want to bring you peace of mind when it comes to your pest problems!

Eco Slayer Cape Town takes pride in solving Cape Town and the Western Cape’s Pest Control, Bird Control, Bird Proofing, Rodent Control, Bedbug/Parasite Control, Squirrel Control and other pest challenges in the manner you require. We listen to our client’s needs and will tailor make the best treatment plan for you. We only use the best chemicals and the safest delivery methods to ensure minimal run off and drift. Our products are guaranteed and endorsed by the Department of Agriculture and the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). So you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the safest and most effective solutions all the time.