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Bird Proofing & Bird Control Cape Town – Specialist Methods Offered.

  • Bird Deterrents for Cape Town (physical, vocal or visual) Keeps the birds away from the building.
  • Removal of accessibility or perching, Roosting areas (bird spikes, non-harmful bird nets, non-harmful custom made bird wires) This service also includes specialised custom structural alterations that prevents the birds access structures or premises. Identifying and closing of holes is an important part when addressing a bird pest problem in Cape Town
  • Cleaning of bird droppings is also vital as inhalation of the droppings is toxic. The effects are similar to inhalation of asbestos. The Bird droppings are also acidic and results in tarnishing the paint on walls or areas where these pest birds frequent. Our expert team in Cape Town provides safe removal and cleaning solutions for the pest bird droppings. Our products are Bleach-Free & Alcohol-Free, gentle enough to be safely used on all surfaces, unrivalled protection against germs!

Managing your Cape Town premises for bird activity helps prevent unnecessary maintenance and assists with essential hygiene

Bird Proofing & Bird Control Cape Town. Within urban and industrial areas, the various types of building structures; modern, vintage or renovated, have become roosting & perching sites for Pigeons, Starlings, Seagulls, Sparrows and many other birds within Cape Town and  the Western Cape.

We know how costly it is to maintain your premises for private or business use. Therefore we encourage our clients to be proactive and ensure that their premises does not become a perching site. The options are also not as unsightly as you may fear. So we can help you maintain your assets and safeguard against Bird pests in Cape Town.

At Eco Slayer Cape Town, we offer you a wide variety of services to solve any bird problem you may have. Our solutions are often tailor made to suit your individual needs. We take pride in offering not just solutions for your bird problem in Cape Town but doing it in a way to keep your home/business looking great! We don’t believe in quick fixes, we offer specialized Bird Control solutions within Cape Town and the Western Cape that are long lasting



Bird Proofing & Bird Control Cape Town safeguards against health problems

Together with the toxic droppings, Birds also brings along lice known as Bird Mites. This can be especially unpleasant. At Eco Slayer Cape Town we specialize in the eradication of Bird Mites. Then there are also a number of diseases carried by birds that can be transferred to humans. Visit our Pest Control page for information on other safe, environmentally friendly and professional Pest Control Solutions we offer in Cape Town.


Allow our skilled technicians to provide the best quality solutions for your unique bird proofing or bird control challenges within Cape Town and the Western Cape. We can help you manage your premises with efficient and effective solutions for your individual Bird Control needs in Cape Town. 

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About Eco Slayer Cape Town

We want to bring you peace of mind when it comes to your pest problems!

Eco Slayer Cape Town takes pride in solving Cape Town and the Western Cape’s Pest Control, Bird Control, Bird Proofing, Rodent Control, Bedbug/Parasite Control, Squirrel Control and other pest challenges in the manner you require. We listen to our client’s needs and will tailor make the best treatment plan for you. We only use the best chemicals and the safest delivery methods to ensure minimal run off and drift. Our products are guaranteed and endorsed by the Department of Agriculture and the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). So you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the safest and most effective solutions all the time.