Pure water window cleaning, solar panel cleaning

Pure water window washing and solar panel cleaning

We provide pure water window, solar, sky light cleaning services for households and businesses using waterfed poles with purified/de-ionized water. Pure water will keep all of your windows, solar panels/sky lights cleaner for longer. Additionally keeping your solar panels clean also helps charge the batteries quicker as dirty panels slows the charge rate down. 

  • Man cleaning solar panels and applying nano coating
    Man cleaning solar panels and applying nano coating – Image by senivpetro on Freepik


Purified water removes the use of harmful chemicals

Reduces water wastage as no rinsing is needed

Eco friendly

Dries streak free and saves time 

No scratches

Removes static stopping dirt from clinging to the glass

Crystal clear shine

Nano tech protective coating


Pure water washing to clean windows,  solar panels and sky lights for your households and businesses. Our waterfed pole system filters all impurities out leaving the water pure. Thus ensuring that no contaminants are left on the windows after the cleaning. This system is so great that it cuts out the use of harmful chemicals. We also reduce water wastage as we do not need to rinse off any soapy residue. Once the widows, solar panels and sky lights are clean, no rinsing is needed as pure water is mineral free and dries crystal clear. Pure water is also de-ionized which is neutrally charged, stopping dirt from clinging to the glass, resulting in a cleaner window, solar panel/sky light for longer. 


As an added benefit we apply a nano tech coating. This surface coating offers a protective layer that repels water, dry particles, oil, limescale and other impurities for a longer time-frame. With our pure water window, solar panel, sky light cleaning system we can help you maintain crystal clear windows and shiny solar panels/sky lights without the hassle!


We are your one-stop-solution to ensure that the exterior of your home looks fresh and new. 



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