Mole Control Cape Town – Sustainable Solutions!

Unfortunately most Suburbs in Cape Town struggle with Mole Control

Mole Control in Cape Town is sometimes taken for granted or put on hold. However, if left unattended moles could cause havoc on your property.

Mole Control Cape Town
Mole Control Cape Town

Moles are in fact not rodents.

Moles are often mistaken to be part of the rodent family but are in fact relatives of Insectivores (Insect Eaters) like Porcupines and Anteaters.

These pests burrow beneath lawns, meadows, stream banks, golf courses or any other lush fertile soil in search of food. They also eat earthworms, insect larvae, crickets or any other insects found beneath the soil. Moles are hardly ever found above the ground and several species are found in the Western Cape.

Cape Town lawns are easy targets for moles

These moles can damage roots and blemish the appearance of your property as they burrow for food. The most noticeable and biggest problem experienced are the unsightly mounds and ridges which are pushed up as the moles burrow. As they burrow beneath the surface they push up soil with their front digging feet. Interesting fact is that they can push this soil up at a rate of 30 cm per minute. They also prefer loose, moist soil which is shaded by vegetation. This also explains why mole activity spikes during winter months.

Pest Control Cape Town - Mole Control
Pest Control Cape Town – Mole Control

Unsightly mole activity causing you distress? Our Mole Control methods for Cape Town can help you today!

Are you finally looking forward to your lush green grass after months of staring at dry grass patches! Only to find your precious garden riddled with ugly mole mounds. Well, at Eco Slayer Cape Town, we want to help you get back your pride and joy. We have sustainable mole control solutions available for you. Our treatment plans are therefore implemented taking your needs and particular challenges into consideration. We want you to be able to enjoy that early morning coffee knowing that your mole situation in Cape Town is under our control.

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